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Meet Cody

Cody is always on the move.
Can't keep an old dog down.

Meet Joey

We have been caring for Joey for several years.
He is known to be a great guard dog.

Meet Lucy

Lucy is 6 months old and
a beautiful addition to our family.

Meet Layla

Layla is a great companion.
No matter what, shes always by your side.

Meet Elvis

Elvis is one of the friendliest dogs you'll meet.
Though he will protect his baseball with his life.

Daily Walks

Offered for those with long work hours/commute times, physical limitations or lack of time.



We offer overnight care for your pet(s) in the comfort of their own home.



We are available to take your pet(s) for veterinarian or grooming appointments.


And More

Need something different? We can tailor a specialized service for you and your pet(s).


Advantages to using a Professional Pet Sitter

  • Puppies and aging dogs can't "hold it" all day.  A "potty" break during the day can make for a more pleasant greeting for you both, when you arrive home.
  • Providing your pet with a stimulating break during the day may help with separation anxiety.
  • A well exercised dog is less likely to display destructive behavior in the home due to boredom.
  • Pets suffer less anxiety in the comfort of their own home and familiar surroundings.
  • There is no need to drop them off anywhere before your trip or pick them up after.  They will be right at home to greet you when you return.
  • There is no need to rely on friends, neighbors, or relatives who may be too busy themselves.
  • No exposure to other animals.
  • Lots of loving care.